Evan Rudowski

Managing Partner

I've spent three decades in digital media on two continents. Prior to Atlantic Leap, I was managing director of Excite Europe -- overseeing operations and joint ventures in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. I was one of the early employees of Excite.com at its Silicon Valley headquarters. In the 1990s I worked on digital initiatives at News Corporation and Newsday in New York. I co-founded SubHub, a leading membership website platform. I'm a long-time member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization, and a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.


Matt O'Neill


Since 1999 I’ve been working on the front line of digital advertising in an industry-facing capacity first at Yahoo! and later as President of AdMonsters. I’ve consistently built industry consensus from senior leaders and driven innovation through collaboration. I’m a frequent speaker, panelist, and chair at conferences including Digiday, IAB, dmexco, AOP (UK), Admangerforum, AdMonsters and corporate-operated events. I serve as an advisor and investor for advertising and marketing technology firms. 


Sophie Pairault


I've been working in the digital media, telecom and technology sectors for more than 15 years. Based now in Paris and previously in London, I've held various corporate strategy and development roles in global corporations, including Microsoft, Orange and Excite Europe. I've gained extensive experience in launching new digital products and in supporting companies’ international growth in new territories.